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Dave Bisson | Voice and On-cam Talent

Dave Bisson

Project Description

Dave Bisson’s clients include Pandora and being the on-screen talent for Stanley Steamer. I was asked to create a comprehensive design that put his demo reels on the forefront of the page. I designed and created the current look of the site that accomplished this and more.

Project Details

Client Dave Bisson
Date October 28, 2014
Skills WordPress, MailChimp, WHM

More than WordPress

Dave’s site is HiDPI ready with an increased importance on SEO over his previous site. I have also created his newsletter template within MailChimp. In addition to designing and creating his site and his newsletter, I personally host this site using cPanel’s WHM.

Responsive Design

Years ago I made the transition to creating all of my sites with responsive designs to accommodate for the growing number of devices that were accessing the Internet. I continued that tradition with this site, ensuring a consistent look no matter what you use to browse the Internet.

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